Wessel Valkenburg

Aziza Merzouki

data scientist and researcher, Institute of Global Health (IGH), University of Geneva (UNIGE)

Aziza Merzouki, PhD, is a data scientist and a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Global Health (IGH), University of Geneva (UNIGE). In the context of her collaboration with Terre des Hommes, she develops an automatic score of health-care for children in Burkina Faso. At the IGH, she also investigates the association between socio-behavioral factors and HIV epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her work includes data discovery with large and complex datasets, machine learning (ex. clustering and anomaly detection) and data visualization. Prior to IGH, she worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Computer Science, UNIGE. Her research was on cell-based numerical modelling of epithelial tissues, where she collaborated closely with biologists and biophysicists. She was also the teaching assistant of different master-level courses, such as Metaheuristics for Optimization Problems, Modelling and Simulation of Natural Phenomena and Introduction to Computational Finance.