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The Cloudera Foundation aims to amplify the work of nonprofits and individuals who use data for social good. We welcome diverse voices and contributions. Most of the articles on our blog are written by our grantees, partners and Cloudera staff. Contact us if you are interested in submitting an article.

Aziza Merzouki
data scientist and researcher, Institute of Global Health (IGH), University of Geneva (UNIGE)
Claudia Juech
CEO and President, Cloudera Foundation
Dan Runfola
Senior Geospatial Scientist, AidData
Hazem Mahmoud
Data Solutions Architect, Cloudera Foundation
John Custer
Communications Manager, AidData
Lilly Giraldo
Program Manager, Cloudera Cares
Liz Teare
Partnerships Associate, AidData
Mike Olson
Chairman of the Board, Cloudera Foundation
Nikita Japra
Senior Program Manager, Cloudera Foundation
Seth Goodman
Data Engineer, AidData
Soren Patterson
Communications Associate, AidData
Wessel Valkenburg
Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Terre des hommes